Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still Not Dead

Nearly two weeks since I touched base.

Work insanity continues. (I've taken to calling it The Proposal That Will Not Die, since its due-date has been extended several times, each time at the last minute, just when I thought we were finally going to be done with the damn thing.)

Personal stuff continues. That will get at least a brief explanation relatively soon. I'm sorry to be still keeping you all in the dark.

And, y'know. The laziness continues. That, too.

But I'm not dead! By way of proof, I offer pictures!

Item the first: Penny with her new glasses. She picked them out herself, and I must say, they suit her perfectly.

And second, a picture that Alex brought home from daycare yesterday:

In case you don't know how to parse Four-Year-Old: it reads "HELP" (because Alex is very determined to get all the correct letters, but totally unconcerned about whether they're in any kind of order) and the orange mark is a fire, and the blue lines are water putting the fire out. I'm not sure what the black marks are supposed to be.

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