Monday, January 27, 2014


I've been with the kids 24/7 since last Wednesday afternoon with neither work nor school for a break, thanks to some snow, the weekend, and some teacher workdays. I couldn't work from home today, so I brought them in with me and just now I had to walk out of a meeting because I could hear Alex fake-crying from all the way down the hall and Penny belly-laughing and egging him on. But this was a sweet incident and I'm posting it now because my alternative is to murder one or both of them. (Hi, NSA friends!)


Last night, after dinner, I was sitting at the table, leafing through a couple of catalogs that had come in the mail while the kids finished eating their dinner, and they were looking over my shoulders (well, elbows) and kibbitzing about the clothes and such.

I was in the Pyramid Collection catalog when Penny said, "What's Goddess size mean?"

I said, "It's a nice way of saying they're clothes for fat people, like me." (Yes, I know that's bad, I'm not supposed to do that, but I was tired; cf previous comment about having them with me 24/7 since last Wednesday.)

Alex, indignant: "You're not fat, Mommy!"

"Aw, that's very sweet of you, buddy. Thank you."

"Yeah," Penny piped in, "you're like me -- a little plump! And plump is cute! Like babies and little fluffy chicks!"

You hear that, Internet? I'm not fat; I'm fluffy! (Warning: linked page makes noise.)

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