Monday, October 18, 2010

Into the Breach

Back to work, yippee-ki-yi-ay.

Or something like that.

We had a very nice weekend, actually. Went down to Chesapeake for Jess's birthday party on Saturday, and Alex even woke up in time that he and I were there for the start of the movie! Of course, popcorn and ice cream gave him a case of the wiggles, on top of it being a 3-D movie that he couldn't keep the glasses on for, so he and I left the theater about halfway through the movie and ended up riding the mall's escalator up and down about forty-seven times before I convinced him to decamp to the food court so I could get some dinner. He even willingly ran over to the play area while I ate, and I enjoyed watching him run off all that ice cream and sugar.

Then we went over to KT and Kevin's, and Penny resumed playing with Jess while the grownups chatted. Eventually, Matt took Alex home, and I got to stay and chat until we finally pried Penny and Jess apart around 9, so Penny didn't go to bed until well after 10. I promised the girls we'd plan a sleepover for some point in the next month or so, so I guess I'd better check my calendar for November.

Sunday afternoon, we took the kids over to visit my parents, which was really nice. My dad hasn't seen the kids for a month or so, what with all the travel he's been doing, so he really enjoyed himself. We stayed for dinner and set the kids up with a movie so we could talk, and generally had a very nice evening.

So I ought to be rested and ready to tackle the week.

Yah, not so much with the "ready" for much of anything, to be honest. What's on the list this week?

- Farewell luncheon for my minion today.
- Two different code peer reviews.
- Big ol' stack o' paperwork.
- I'm about 1/3 of the way through a proofread that's due the middle of next week.
- Eight docs for work to be reviewed and processed and delivered, more than half of which are fairly large.
- Software for work to be processed and delivered.
- Need to work out a schedule to balance my downtime at home a little.
- Matt's sister and her husband and their kid are coming to visit this weekend.

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