Monday, November 1, 2010


Awesome weekend!

Matt and Braz had a great time at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, and from what I saw on the TiVo recording, it looked awesome. In the meantime, we had Adin and her kids over, and Emma and Sarah joined us for dinner. All four girls played outside with the neighborhood kids pretty much the whole time, and I only had to go out and mediate disputes about three times, so mostly Adin and I got to hang out inside and watch the boys and chat. It was awesome.

The rest of the weekend was all about Hallowe'en. We went to Fall Festivals on Friday night (Penny had an awesome time at the middle school, and was less intimidated by the press of bigger kids than I expected). We watched Coraline and Nightmare Before Christmas, and a Dora Hallowe'en special, and Penny and I watched the first half of The Mummy, though she decided it was a little too scary for her. We carved our jack-o-lanterns, of course. We made pumpkin muffins, and Penny put about half of them in a pan and wandered the neighborhood door-to-door, doing reverse trick-or-treating. For dinner, we had roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin soup.

Then we put on our costumes and hit the neighborhood!

I took Alex, and this year, he did not get distracted by the joy of rocks. We started with Ray's house, and when Ray's dad dropped two miniature chocolate bars into Alex's little bucket, a little lightbulb went off in his head. This is about candy. From that point forward, he was unstoppable and indefatigable. At the end of our street, I said, "You want to go home?" and Alex said, "No, I wanna do anudda house. More candy!" We did another block and a half. "Anudda house!" Finally, after a good four blocks and as twilight deepened into true night, I said, "Okay, we'll do these three, and then we're going home." As soon as he's old enough to go out on his own, Alex is so going to be one of those kids who disappears at 5:45 and doesn't come back until 8:30 or 9.

Penny, as has become tradition, went trick-or-treating with Ray, and they were gone for well over an hour, and then they returned to the rest of their Hallowe'en tradition, which is to say we gave them glow-sticks to play with, and they ran around in the dark, hyped up on sugar and excitement. (Penny's blood sugar was surprisingly well-behaved all day, despite the added treats and our forgetting to give her a shot after dinner. She was, of course, over 300 by the time we got her to check, but the insulin did its job well and by the time Matt and I were getting ready for bed, she was back in range. She actually woke up low this morning -- guess all that extra exercise caught up overnight.)

Alex played with glow-sticks as well until I took him in for a bath and bed. He was still so wound up as I was tucking him in that I wasn't sure he'd go to sleep for another hour, but he did eventually settle down.

It was a good weekend, a great day, and an awesome evening. Though after all the miniature candy bars I snarfed last night, I'm hoping I can make it to the gym at least a couple of times this week so I don't feel too guilty when I dive into birthday cake next week.

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