Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I spent way too much time in meetings yesterday, but it ended up being eerily productive anyway. I pulled together a development plan for a new project, did some paperwork from a rushed delivery last week, created a corporate repository for the mini-audit we're about to do, attended four meetings (and mostly managed to keep my sarcasm to myself), and typed up some meeting minutes. I also went to the gym, edited a short story (someone else's), made soup for dinner (mm, soup), and wrote about a thousand new words for the story I'm writing.

All in all, a productive day, indeed.

Today, I need to gather up some artifacts for the mini-audit, do some more paperwork, review a delivery, work on editing another story (someone else's), and go to the chiropractor. I might go to the gym again, and I might swing by Target for more apples. (Honeycrisps -- my very favorite apples, only available for about 2 months out of the year -- are $6 for a bag of 10. I'm eating like five a day.)

(I might also hit Target for a smoothie blender to keep at the office, and ingredients. Better for me than the junk food in the snack bar, and Caren told me a couple of weeks ago they have a really nice little smoothie blender for only about $15.)

So that's my day. What're you up to, today?

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Glossaria said...

Hey, I have a mini-smoothie blender! It was a gift, I believe-- I don't think I've even taken it out of the box, since I use the big one instead. Let me know if you can't find one and I'll shamelessly regift. ;)

Today will be spent gingerly crawling out from beneath a mountain of emails, phone messages, and paperwork... no matter how short the time I'm gone, it's AMAZING how much piles up while I'm away.

Oh, and I am reading Shirley Jackson's Haunting of Hill House for work (we're doing it for book club) and trying not to scare myself to death-- this is the book on which all other haunted house books were modeled, basically.

And I'm fending off what I truly hope is allergies or weather-related, and not a cold. (Throat hurts.)

And yes, honeycrisps are AWESOME. They're spendy, alas, but my favorites, too, and I get them by the bushel (well, large shopping bag-full, anyway).