Thursday, October 6, 2011


God, I just keep disappearing, don't I?

As I told KT yesterday when we met for lunch (entirely on her initiative, because I'm so brain-burned lately I can't even properly function on Twitter), it's probably for the best, anyway, because pretty much everything I would have posted for the last week and a half would have been half-coherent ranting about the damned project I was on and the incredibly rude and condescending customer we were working for.

But I took most of Monday off, and all of Tuesday. I've written 5500 words (or so) in the last three days, decorated the house for Hallowe'en (okay, I have to admit, Penny did most of the decorating), acquired some cute ankle boots for the fall and winter, edited a story, paid my bills, and spent a lot of time playing mostly mindless video games. I took Penny to the Fall Festival and bought jewelry and fair food, and I made roasted butternut squash soup, and I hung out with friends and family. I feel much better now.

I came back to work yesterday to find a frikking huge pile of paperwork waiting, and four software deliveries that weren't supposed to happen until the week after next, and learned that a new project has been awarded some special attention from corporate which is going to make it a much bigger pain in my ass than usual.

But I feel almost okay with it. Not, you know, happy. But accepting. Resigned.

And so it goes. And so do I.

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