Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So... Workcrazy continues apace. The less said about it, the better, but trust me, if I were to say some things about it, it would probably involve a lot of four-letter words, especially when I got around to talking about the customer. Long story short: I'm expecting to put in some extra hours again this week. Which doesn't begin to clear the ridiculous mound of paperwork I've got piled up.

Alex's teacher told Matt that he hadn't had much appetite at breakfast and lunch yesterday, and Alex himself complained to us of a sore throat. Shortly before dinner, Matt got out the flashlight and thought he might have seen some white at the back of Alex's throat, and he was definitely running a low-grade fever. So Matt's got him today and is taking him to the doctor later, but if we've got strep in the house, all bets are off.

Oh and also? I've got a persistent cough going that I probably caught from Alex (who probably caught it from Jess, as near as we can figure) that comes with a similarly persistent headache. Which is making the whole work thing just a little more fun. And by "fun" I mean "not fun at all".

(Anyone want to take a guess at how "working extra hours this week" combines with "sickness in the house"? Anyone? ... That's right: Not well at all!)

I got two text messages from my document person at 4 this morning letting me know that she expected to be late getting in. If she was up at 4, I can well understand that... except that she doesn't appear to have put the document she was working on out on the LAN where I can get to it, and it's due to go out today. So if she doesn't answer her phone by lunchtime, I guess I'll be starting it over from scratch. You know, along with the workcrazy stuff.

...And now it's two hours later and I've just realized that I never hit the Publish button on this. Because, you know. Workcrazy.

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