Friday, April 20, 2012

Cards Against Humanity... Online?

Nothing much happened yesterday, largely because I dumped a ridiculous amount of time into playing Cards Against Humanity online. (Okay, technically it's a way for them to gather data about what people in various groups find funny so they can improve the game, but from my perspective, it's an endless CAH game. Online. Um, don't click the link if you're anywhere that people can look over your shoulder, 'cause... Well, it's CAH. Not safe for work, kids, or pretty much anyone you haven't ever gotten drunk or high with.)

This is a cardset I got yesterday that was so amazing I just couldn't believe it. Of the ten offered responses, only two were not excellent answers to the question. I did a screengrab and doctored it a bit so I could share it, because... DAMN. (Click to embiggen.)

If you don't find all those answers to be at least a little bit funny... you probably should not play Cards Against Humanity with me. I'm just sayin'.


Sam said...

Hey Liz,

Just to let you know, you can now play Cards Against Humanity online with friends and with videochat so you can talk and laugh with your friends while you play.
It's called Cardtrocity and it's at
I helped make it and we're constantly improving it, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Ronald Perkins said...

This game is so great! I finally got to play it the other day and had a blast. My friends have great sense of humor so the game was awesome to play. The questions and answers seem to go together so well. I would recommend this game to anyone wanting to have a good time with a card game and some friends :)

Daniel said...

_____ ? There's an app for that! (free and open source)

Cards Against Humanity said...

Cards Against Humanity is a interesting game.

Cards Against Humanity said...

funny game