Thursday, April 12, 2012


Once again with the sleep deprivation.

Well, I should be honest. It's not true deprivation. It's not like I have insomnia, or a newborn. I just got behind somewhere, and I can't seem to catch up. Alex woke me up -- again -- at about 5 this morning, and then after I got him back to bed, he kept coming back into our room every time I was just about to fall back to sleep. Which means that effectively, I stopped resting at about 5 this morning. So I'm just that much further behind, now.

"So," Matt murmured when the alarm went off at 6, "when are we rearranging the room so I'm closest to the door?"

I chuckled, but I would do it in a heartbeat if I thought it would actually work.

We're gaming tomorrow night, which means I'll be up late again. But we have no other solid plans for the weekend (aside from finishing the shelves for the dining room, which I'm hoping to do Saturday morning so we can put them in place on Sunday) and so on Sunday morning, when it's my turn to sleep in? My ass is sleeping in.

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