Friday, August 3, 2012

Busy Weekend

Well, I have a busy weekend lined up!

Matt has the kids this weekend, but I'll be seeing them anyway. Penny's got a birthday party to go to on Saturday that conflicts directly with Alex's nap, so I told Matt he could drop Alex off at the house after lunch -- I'll put Alex down for his nap while Matt takes Penny shopping for a present for her friend and goes to the party.

Then, shortly after Matt picks Alex back up, I'll be heading down to Chesapeake for a girls-only party with KT -- a Pure Romance party, and then (possibly, hopefully, if the friend I'm riding with can stay up late) a run to the theater for a showing of Magic Mike (which I only want to see if I can see it with at least one girlfriend).

Sunday morning, Matt will bring the kids back over so they can get their TV fix  (Matt doesn't have one yet) while he mows the lawn and does a load or so of laundry. (That's part of the deal we made when he moved out, because I really, really do not want to mow the lawn.) Then I have Sunday afternoon to finish my own chores, after which I'll be heading out for one of Vicki's many birthday celebrations.

Woven in with all that, I also need to do a whole lot of shopping. On my list is:
  • school supplies for Penny (this is Virginia's tax-free weekend for school stuff and clothes!)
  • a run to Sam's Club for assorted bulk items (most critically, pull-ups for Alex, as I don't quite have enough to get all the way through the Cancun trip)
  • the regular grocery shopping
  • a stop at the dollar store for stuff I need for Penny's birthday party next weekend -- streamers and craft stuff and cheapie toys for the goodie bags.
The dollar store can maybe wait until Wednesday or so, but everything else is running up against deadlines. I might try to get the bulk of it done today, if my bad knee will maintain its calm. (Actually, if work is going smoothly, I might do the school supply run on my lunch break. The stores supporting that stuff are going to be a madhouse all weekend, I expect.)

And all that's not even considering that I still want to see the Batman movie, and I've been told I should see the Spider-Man movie as well. Those movies I'm willing to see solo, but I might have to wait anyway. The weekend is already crazy busy, and I'm spending a lot of the coming week preparing for Penny's birthday party next Saturday. And then we're going to Cancun for a week and a half. So... Well. We'll see how much I can get done on my lunch hour today and whether my knee feels up to shopping tonight, and maybe I can do my own laundry on Saturday while Alex is napping. Stack the things that can be stacked, you know?

As I said: busy. But most of it should be fun! Yay, fun!

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