Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Because she loves me, KT posted this on my Facebook wall last night:

Of course, by the time I saw it, I was already into this week's episode of Leverage and chatting with her, so I didn't actually do any writing. But it's an awesome picture anyway. And true. I should be writing.

I should also be editing, as I have a novel on my plate that I need to get back to its author before I go on vacation in -- erp! -- one week.

Unfortunately, what I should be doing at work today is approximately a metric assload of paperwork. Hm, maybe instead of trying to make it palatable with music, I'll put a movie on the iPad (one I know well enough to listen to instead of watch) and see how that works. And maybe I can break the paperwork into subtasks, and alternate with the editing a bit.

Anything to get (and keep) myself motivated.


Happy joy joy moment of the day: Alex got up a bit before six and went to the bathroom. (I knew it was Alex and not Penny because Alex neither closes the bathroom door nor flushes without a reminder.) And then he went back to his room.

Ten minutes later, when my alarm went off for the second time, he came into my room, as usual, and climbed up on the bed.

"Hey, buddy," I said. "How're you doing this morning?"


"Yeah? You sleep good?"


"How's your pullup this morning?"

"It still has a picture."

Dude. That's three mornings of the past four that he's gone through the night with a dry pullup! The first two were at Matt's apartment, and while I'd celebrated, I'd kind of wondered if it was because he wasn't sleeping as deeply there (unfamiliar room and bed, you know how it is) so I wasn't really expecting it to come back to the house with him.

But whatever the reason, it seems he's starting to move into nighttime control, finally!

(And further reason for celebration, as a friend pointed out to me -- it means that he's not excessively traumatized by Matt and I splitting up. Kids who are traumatized tend to lose potty training, not gain it. So we can feel good that all the effort we're putting into the kids is paying off.)

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