Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Matt and I celebrated our 13th anniversary on Monday. We both took the day off from work, and planned to spend the day just enjoying each others' company.

We dropped the kids off at school/daycare (and at the same time dropped my car off for state inspection, since it's due and the timing worked out), and then went home for breakfast. After that, we decided to run a couple of errands -- we had to pick up some prescriptions at the drugstore and get Easter candy for the kids' baskets. As we were preparing to leave the CVS, Matt's car hiccuped and then displayed some rather urgent and scary warning lights.

As a note: for a car that has a freaking computer embedded in the dashboard, its warning indicators are kind of stupid. How hard would it be to program in some actual diagnostic information, there? "Engine overheated" or "Battery low" or "Insufficient fuel" or... anything that isn't just a large red exclamation mark.

It put something of a damper on our moods, but the car actually appeared to be running fine, so we decided we could take it down to the Target to finish our shopping there, at least. And then we walked over to the Kohl's to get a nice shirt for Alex to wear on Easter (Penny's Easter dress from last year still fits, so she'll wear that).

Then we went home to watch an episode of Veronica Mars (while cuddling on the couch, of course). When that was done, we headed off to Colonial Williamsburg to have lunch at the Blue Talon. (One of the two scary warning lights had disappeared by the time we left for lunch, and when we got back to the car after lunch, the other light was gone, too. So... apparently whatever the problem was, it wasn't too bad, scary warning lights notwithstanding.)

Then we watched some more Veronica Mars, and then it was pretty much time to go pick Penny up from school.

It seemed far too short, but we had a nice time just being together, and we're going out again this weekend. We've been completely up in the air about what to do or where to go, but this morning's Groupon was for a tapas restaurant down in Hampton, which sounds like something different and fun. So I'll call when they open to make a reservation and then I'll order the Groupon and let Braz and Adin know when we need them to babysit, and we'll figure out if we want to do anything else while we're out and about.

So yay for us, and happy anniversary to my sweetie. May we enjoy many, many more.

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Heidi / D-Tales said...

Happy, happy anniversary!!!