Monday, April 25, 2011


Fantastic weekend!

We left the kids with Braz and Adin Friday evening for our anniversary date. The restaurant was a little disappointing -- partly their fault, and partly because of what we ordered. But it was nice to be out together and on our own, anyway. Then, being nerds, we wandered around a Barnes and Noble, and then we wandered around a Books-A-Million. We thought about buying things, but realized everything we were interested in would be way cheaper on Amazon.

Saturday afternoon, Adin and Ripley and Henry came over to dye Easter eggs with Penny and Alex. That was hectic, but fun.

We picked up Braz and went out to dinner together afterward, and the kids were pretty good for that. (I apologized to our waiter for their rambunctiousness -- they weren't bad, but they were a bit noisy -- but he assured me they were among the better-behaved kids of the day. It's always nice being told the kids aren't nearly as bad as you're worried they are.)

Sunday, of course, was Easter. Penny tells us that she woke up at 1am with excitement. I don't know about that, but I did get up a bit before four to tell her to turn off her light and at least pretend to sleep. And I heard her get up again around 6, but she stayed in her room and quietly read until I got up to get Alex at 7.

Both kids really enjoyed their loot -- I'd included some sticker kits and little toys along with the obligatory stuffed animals and candy, and the two of them played happily pretty much all morning, which was fantastic.

After Alex's nap, we got dressed up and headed over to my parents' house for their Easter egg hunt and dinner, and that was all fun and wonderful, too.

So, all in all -- great weekend! Not as much grouchiness as I would have expected, given the general lack of sleep both nights, and lots of time spent with people we love.

More, please!

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