Monday, April 4, 2011


It was a nice, quiet-ish weekend.

We had Jess down for a sleepover Saturday night. We went to lunch with KT and Kevin when they dropped her off, and gave Kevin his birthday presents. Then they headed off, and Jess and Penny played happily and relatively quietly all afternoon and into the evening. We took the kids to Chick-fil-A for dinner, and since three kids meant we had to take two cars anyway, Matt took Alex home after we ate, while I stuck around and read a book while the girls played on the playground for a while.

We let them sit up late, talking, until Matt finally told them to be quiet and go to sleep at about 9:45. When he went up fifteen minutes later to do the 10:00 blood sugar check, he said they were so perfectly still that he thought they were pretending to be asleep, until he realized they'd just conked out that hard.

Which did not stop them from being up by 7 Sunday morning. But they played quietly enough that I was able to sleep in until 8:30, which was a welcome rest.

That evening, we met up with Braz and Adin and crew at Kidsburg park, then we all trooped back to our place for dinner.

That was pretty much it.

Penny's on Spring Break this week, which means she's at the daycare and I'm keeping a sharp ear out for my phone. I have an appointment tomorrow for a massage (yay, Groupon!) And at some point -- probably Wednesday or Thursday -- I'll take some time off and take Penny to the Triple-A office to get passport pictures taken, then we'll collect Matt and go over to the courthouse to submit her passport application.

That's the week. Here's hoping things go smoothly.

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