Thursday, January 26, 2012


Software delivery at work. Four components, full audit required, and extra delivery documentation. With a PM who does not organize very well, or read his emails very carefully, or explain what he wants very well. Has to be ready to go by the end of the day Friday.

Penny's out of school Friday. As is our usual plan for school days, I've got her for the morning, and Matt will take her for the afternoon.

And to make it all more exciting, they're replacing all the carpet in our office, starting on... Friday! Which is to say that before I leave today, I have to pack up all my loose items and stack them in the hallway, and then pull the drawers out of my desk and stack them in the hallway, and then unplug all my electronics (lights and heater and computer and phone and monitor and printer and everything else that plugs in) and... stack them in the hallway. And tomorrow I won't have access to my office at all.

I'm pretty well expecting tomorrow to suck. A lot. For that matter, today isn't looking like it'll be a picnic.


But Alex made sure I smiled at least once this morning.


"Oh, hello, Iron Man!"

"...Iron Man wants a hug from Iron Mommy."

(For the record, Iron Mommy was happy to comply.)

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Gris said...

Urgh. For the record (having just gone through a carpet replacement at MY place of work), make sure you keep your allergy meds handy. Between the dust-laden tearing-up and the fume-filled laying-down, there is a LOT to trigger one's allergies/asthma in recarpetry.

(And Alex=HEE.)

And my captcha for the day is suptunta, which I immediately read as, "'Sup, Tunta?"