Friday, January 20, 2012

Press Pause

After some discussion, Matt and I are pretty much putting Alex's night time potty training on hold. Too many nights in a row of multiple accidents and everyone being cranky the next day because of interrupted sleep. Too much frustration. And, looking online, it really looks like there's no such thing as providing incentives -- positive or negative -- for night time training. They either wake up in time, or they don't.

Alex is super about daytimes now; he's only had one accident in the last couple of months that I know of. So it's not a reluctance to use the potty. He's just not quite there for the night yet. And it's not that terrible a hardship to plan for having a couple of spare pullups around for nights. So we're back to pullups for now, and we're possibly all a lot happier for it.

(Once our Diaper Genie runs out its current stock of plastic wrap, though, I might toss it and switch to putting wet pullups in the leftover Diaper Duck bags, by way of clutter reduction.)


It's going to be a busy weekend, even though we don't have much in the way of special events planned.

Alex has a birthday party to attend on Saturday, and Matt's monthly D&D game is that night. And of course, there's the usual Friday night hangout with the Hedge.

Working around that, I need to go to the bank, Penny wants to hit the drugstore/post office near my office for a toy she saw a few weeks ago, and I want to hit up Bed Bath and Beyond for a new bathroom set (shower curtain, liner, rod/rings, rugs,  the whole deal. Maybe even towels. Everything we've got has been in there since we moved in, if not before that, and it's all showing its age rather sadly). Also, Alex could use a new pair of shoes, and I noticed a hole the other day in my favorite pair of work pants, so there's a trip to Target in the offing.

Matt and I also, at some point (though not necessarily this weekend) want to replace our mattress and our refrigerator, both of which will take a little extra time in comparison shopping.

Let the games begin!

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Elizabeth R. said...

Regarding mattress shopping: Just wanted to throw out that when I bought my current mattress however many years ago, I initially scoffed at the whole "test the mattresses" process. But when I went into the mattress store, the salesman had me go through a series of test comparisons the way the eye doctor does for lenses (a la "Which of these two feels best, 1 or 2? Ok, now which of these two?") I felt ridiculous doing it, but in the end, this has to be the most comfortable mattress (for me) I've ever slept on.

Point being, if you can get past the silliness of going into a store and laying down on a bunch of bare mattresses, it may be totally worth it in the end.