Tuesday, October 2, 2012


There; this morning I did not take the cough med that knocks me flat on my ass, though last night was full of weird dreams and near-hallucination sounds, so I'm not exactly what you'd call "well-rested".

After taking stock of what was going on at work, I went home early and took a nap that lasted most of the afternoon. Just as I was waking up, I got a text that Penny had left her glasses at the house, so I found them and went up to CVS to pick up a prescription refill for her, and then took everything over to Matt's.

After that, I had a nice, quiet evening. I took some time to post some pictures to my flickr account -- a hot air balloon, a picture of Penny in all her leopard-y glory, my dining room renovations, and then, of course, pictures from the wedding.

I watched Joss Whedon's commentary on The Avengers while I ate dinner (I swear, I am going to watch it again and keep count of the number of times he says "this was one of my favorite scenes!" or the equivalent). My favorite line: "What? It's a virus arrow! It could totally happen! Don't laugh at me!"

Then I flipped over to the TiVO because KT had told me that Cartoon Network has a weekly How to Train Your Dragon cartoon going, so I wanted to put that in the recording list, and while I was at it, I noted that it had recorded a few older episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I didn't start watching BBT until halfway through the second season, so there are some older episodes I've missed -- so I happily watched one of those while I was answering email and otherwise dorking around on the computer.

All in all, a nice, relaxing evening. Even if it did end with a whole spate of peculiar dreams.

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