Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Doing a bit better today. Having the kids around helps. Even when they're making me crazy, it's hard to be morose and self-pitying when Alex is discoursing on how apples grow on trees or how he plans to grow up to be a superhero; or Penny is demanding to know what my favorite Greco-Roman god is and angling for me to buy her some "real" jewels. It's hard to maintain a sense of despair when I'm busy helping Alex write love notes to his sister ("I LOVE U RPENNY FROM ALEX") or reading Harry Potter to Penny.

(Of course, it's also harder to get a decent night's sleep, between going in to check Penny's blood sugar at 10 and finding her still awake, frantically scribbling in her new diary; and Alex waking up at 5:30 with a "bad dream" about being back in Cancun and missing his friends from school.)

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