Friday, October 26, 2012


Huh. So apparently there's a hurricane on the way.

At the end of freaking October? I know technically hurricane season runs into November, but seriously, we usually don't see anything serious past mid-September. And this one is expected to be made worse by running into some incoming winter weather systems. Seriously, WTF, world?

It's turning into one of those good news/bad news rundowns, honestly.

Good news: Current projected timing for it suggests that it won't cancel my party tomorrow. Bad news: It may well completely eff up Hallowe'en.

Good news: If I lose power for a week, it won't be swelteringly hot. Bad news: Those cold showers are going to doubleplus suck.

Well, let's end it on some good news: I have a bunch of books I've been meaning to get caught up on.

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