Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In a crappy mood this morning. I really shouldn't be. I had a long weekend. I had a fun time over my long weekend. I ate out a lot, cooked some great food in, visited with my parents, hung out with friends, saw snow, did some shopping, spent a lot of time reading and a little time writing, went to the movies, and generally had a pretty good time.

But I've had one of those mornings where nothing quite seems to work. My weight is up, my hair is sticking out in the wrong places, my skin is itchy no matter how much lotion I put on it, my allergies are coming back, I bumped my head on the car door frame, my office is cold... blah blah blah. (For a switch, the kids have been fantastic this morning and not irritated me at all. Which is good, because I probably would've bitten their little heads right off their shoulders.)

It's going to get better, though. Right? Right. Off we go...

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