Monday, February 6, 2012

Kid Stories

Another Alex anecdote:

"Daddy, I'm locking my car door so no one can get in."

"Okay, but we're moving, so I think we're pretty safe."

"Ninjas are sneaky."

He's right, you know. You can't start teaching your kids too early about the dangers of ninjas.

And lest you think that was merely one of those moments when Alex did a conversational 360 (as he is, admittedly, wont to do), this morning on the way to daycare he said, "Mom, I'm locking my door so no ninjas can get in."


Report cards came out last week, and Penny got straight As for the second quarter! Matt and I are so proud of her, we could just bust.

On top of that, her class had a writing exercise in which they had to write about traveling with their favorite of the four explorers (Columbus, de Leon, Cartier, and Newport) they're just finishing up a unit on. Penny was fascinated to learn that Christopher Newport had begun his career as a privateer, so she wrote a story about pirating about with him that was so good, she was asked to read it aloud to one of the other third grade classes. (As far as we know, none of the other students had this honor.) And best still, the other class received her story very well. According to Penny, the "went wild" for it, clapping and cheering for her.

You can darned well believe that I'll share it as soon as it makes its way home.

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Gris said...

Yes, indeedy, nooooooo doubting their parentage. None at ALL. (Arr!)

(Also... Newport? Really? Now you make me wonder if we only learned about Champlain and Hudson because they were "local" explorers.)