Monday, February 13, 2012


I should have settled in to write last night after the kids were in bed, but I was just too ridiculously exhausted.

And by "ridiculously exhausted" I mean that it was sort of ridiculous that I was exhausted, because I'd slept in Sunday morning and then not done much of anything all day except for help Penny make cupcake buttons with her Easy Bake Oven and then fail to make meatloaf in time for dinner.

And yet, by the time I got out of the shower, the idea of even putting on my pajamas was tiring, so I didn't write. I sat on the couch (yes, I did manage to put on the pajamas, wiseass) and played Pocket Frogs and sort of half-watched the Grammys.

It was a good weekend, though. We hung out with friends and ate delicious food and went shopping and relaxed. The Keurig that Braz and Adin gave me when they got a nice new one got a clogged water line, so I had to spend a couple of days drinking instant, but then Braz showed me how to clear it out, so that crisis was averted.

It snowed Saturday afternoon/evening while we were at Braz and Adin's -- the first (and quite probably the only) snow of the season. The kids, predictably, lost their minds with excitement and insisted on going outside while it was still falling. I lamented having not brought my camera with me, but of course Braz had his, so all was not lost.

Penny had a "Valentine's Party" on Sunday that she invited everyone to about an hour and a half before she planned for it to start, and much to my surprise, three of her four invited guests actually showed up. (Though that's partly because I told her she couldn't invite guests who lived more than ten minutes away, so she stuck to our next-door neighbor, a couple of friends who live nearby, and the Hegemony.) It wasn't so much a party as a largish play-date, though. Ripley got a little offended (I believe) that Penny was spending more time with her school friend and called the party "boring", and then Ray (I think) got overwhelmed by all the girls and left early with the same excuse. I don't know if Penny learned a lesson about advance planning (or at least advance inviting), but she seemed to have a good time.

On second thought, maybe I do know why I was so tired Sunday evening!

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