Friday, February 17, 2012


The fine folks over at ThinkGeek have a monthly haiku contest, the results of which are published in their monthly newsletter. Usually, I just read the winning entry and chuckle, but this month's newsletter hit my inbox right after Valentine's Day. So the next morning, I was watching Alex play with the nesting robots he got for Valentine's Day, with Matt's new plush Portal turret in the background, and I thought, I should totally get him to pose for a customer action shot and send it in.

And then I thought... No. I should totally write a haiku about my preschooler with his robot army and send that in.

So I did.

Robots on standby!
Says the preschool overlord.
After nap, we strike.

I'll be sure to let you know if we win. ;-)

(And yeah, I may still take that picture this weekend, if I can get him to cooperate. Because Alex does the very best Evil Overlord face in the entire universe.)

1 comment:

Gris said...

Of COURSE he does-- he's got generations of evil overlord genetics to draw on! (From both sides.) ;)