Thursday, March 22, 2012


I went to Target yesterday on my lunch break, because I wanted to get some sugar-free coffee syrup, and I figured as long as I was there anyway I'd pick up a pint of cherry tomatoes to put in Penny's lunch.

But as I was walking through the door, I thought, "Oh, crap, Easter is in two weeks. I need to buy stuff now before it all gets picked over."

So I got Easter basket stuff -- some silly sunglasses and craft stuff and a couple of little toys (this year, they're getting the exact same stuffie, but in different colors) and candy, of course... It's kind of dangerous to be buying candy before you've eaten lunch, y'all. I'm just saying.

I didn't buy plastic eggs, because the colors available this year were really ugly. What's wrong with the traditional palette of rainbows and/or pastels? So I still need to go to the Dollar Store to buy egg shells to put the candy in.

But other than that, I'm done. I even remembered to get a package of pre-filled eggs for Alex's class party. (And if, contrary to previous experience, they don't ask for pre-filled eggs, then that's a few more eggs I can put in my kids' baskets.)

So I walked in for about $8 worth of stuff, and walked out with over $100.

Yep. Typical Target run.

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