Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Too Long

It's been too long since I last wrote. Sorry about that, gang.

Proposals suck in my brain and make me incapable of life function, it seems sometimes. And the Daylight Savings switch happened this past weekend, so my brain is still refusing to function in line with that, too. All I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep for about three days.

Things are starting to come together with the proposal now, though -- we're still editing, but all the sections have been written and vetted and approved as compliant. It's just a question now of squeezing out the unnecessary stuff so we can fit it all in under the mandated page-count. (This is where college turns out to have been useful -- all that time spent playing with the formatting on my papers so they would fit the pagecount requirement has, it turns out, given me valuable skills.)


Penny's diabetes has been kicking our asses lately. Saturday night, she accidentally got Humalog instead of Lantus at bedtime, which meant Matt stayed up until after 1 AM checking her sugars and chasing a viciously persistent low... and then we spent all day Sunday correcting the high from lack of basal insulin. To make matters worse, she went to a friend's birthday party Sunday afternoon and had not only cake, but pizza, that bane of diabetics everywhere.

So when the school nurse called me at lunch yesterday to tell me she was crazy high, I wasn't that surprised... but when the nurse told me she was also showing moderate ketones, I freaked out. Spilling ketones is bad. We're supposed to call the endocrinologist's emergency number when she's at moderate or higher levels. But, pizza, I thought, and told the nurse to correct generously and recheck her in two hours to make sure it was taking hold.

I spent the next two hours on pins and needles. Was I going to have to leave work early to pick my daughter up from school and take her to the hospital?

When the nurse called back, the bad news was that her sugars were pretty much the same as before. Though Penny reacts to Humalog pretty late in its 4-hour window, and she'd eaten lunch in there, so for her to have remained at a stable level wasn't that bad. But the good news was that she was back to being negative for ketones. No emergency calls or hospital trips for us. Whew.

Once I'd started to calm down, I realized: I don't think she ever got her shot for breakfast. Like, at all. I'd started to do the math, but whe'd been waffling over what kind of yogurt she wanted, so I'd walked away to do something else while she finished deciding, and I think I got distracted and never went back to it. Mea culpa. I won't even get into how that made me feel about myself; you can probably put a solid guess together.

She was back into normal range by dinner, and even had a mild low when Matt checked her at 10. (Not a scary one, just a "hey, have a little milk" one.) And this morning she was right where we like to see her. So hopefully that episode is done with.


Back to work. The proposal doesn't go out until Friday, which means I won't be done with it until Friday. But I'm totally taking Friday afternoon -- and probably Monday -- off, as well.

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