Friday, June 8, 2012

Pirate Exploration

A while back (a long while back) I think I mentioned that Penny'd written a report for school in which she had to pick one of four explorers to travel with and write a little story about it, and that her report was so well-received that it was shared with all the other third-grade classes, who clapped and cheered when she was done reading it.

Of course I've been dying to see the story, but I guess they had it on the wall or something at school, because I was waiting and waiting and waiting. It finally came home yesterday, though, and so obviously I'm going to share it with you! (Faithfully transcribed, which means the grammar and spelling mistakes are hers. The link is mine, though.)

Me Exploring with Newport 

I picked up my bag. First of all I was going to sail with the clever pirate Christopher Newport! First I got on the ship. I realized I had on a red headband, a gleaming gold sword, fancy black boots, and great clothes! Next I found out that I was lucky. I got to help Captain Newport! I had the fun job. But a few times I had to risk my life fighting parahnas, sharks, and a giant squid. Don't worry my sword sliced through as easy as cuting wood with a chainsaw! Then we landed in present day Jamestown we also reached the fall line of the James River! I easily made friends with the other pirates. We also danced and played pirate games. Suddenly we got thrown overboard! It was a hurricane. The pirates tried to swim but they were to weak. But I did not give up! I dragged them to shore. They were quite knocked out. When they woke up we found tresure! Last we sailed back home. Finally I felt wonderful. I became a pirate member.

Penny Brooks, Feb. 1, 2012

That's my girl. My girl, the pirate explorer.

My girl, the writer.

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Rachel said...

I am impressed! that is a great story. She is definitely a writer in the making :)