Thursday, June 21, 2012


So, this being the first week that Penny was out of school, we took the kids to Busch Gardens last night.

The logistics could have been better, because Matt's car was in the shop, and he had to be home by 8:30 for a work thing, but we made it work. We ate dinner there, rode a few rides, and then came home. It's exactly why we paid for the year-long pass, honestly -- no pressure to do it all or see everything, the ability to go when the crowds are thinner and ride a couple of rides and then just mosey on home.

We got Alex on the skyride, and after we'd had some dinner, we got him on the Catapult -- which he got excited enough about to ride second time! After that, we took them on the carousel, and then we spent fifteen minutes or so at the Land of Dragons before we took the skyride back toward the entrance and headed home.

Next week, we've promised to take him to the Sesame Street area. Note to self: bring swimsuits and towels (or at least a change of clothes) so the kids can play in the water area.

As a side note, you know how you feed a diabetic when you're at an amusement park? TURKEY LEGS. OM NOM NOM.

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