Thursday, July 1, 2010

Book 'Em!

It's only Thursday? Seriously? This week has gone on long enough already, don't you think? Sheesh. And Penny forgot to bring her swimsuit for camp today, so I'm going to have to run it up to her during lunch. Though maybe that gives me an excuse to go out for lunch. Hmm.

At least the weather is nice. After the record-breaking highs of last week, this morning it was a blissful 68, with a high for the day of only 85. Ahhh. It's probably too much to hope for that this will linger through the weekend.

I went to book club last night. There were only five of us this time -- everyone else had commitments and unexpected delays. And of the five of us, two hadn't even started reading the book, so we didn't talk about it much. But we had a good time, anyway. We got a bit punchy toward the end, as we were planning out the next few books. After we'd done a few, we decided to start assigning various absent members hosting duties... and then we started matching them up with some wonderfully awful, bizarre, or just plain weird books.

...That's all I got.


Gris said...

Kresley Cole's not all that bad, but... er... you DO realize that last one is an aerospace engineering design doc from NASA, don't you? Wow. You ladies are really high-concept. (And if you really, REALLY want to read it, your friendly non-neighborhood librarian has found you a free online copy: Design specification for a thrust-vectoring, actuated-nose-strake flight control law for the high-alpha research vehicle)

Liz said...

*laugh* I probably should have explained that the NASA doc was specifically for the woman who does engineering design for NASA...