Wednesday, July 28, 2010

From Home

Matt and Penny made it home safely yesterday afternoon. Hooray! Of course, they got home to the realization that Matt's house key had been given to the neighbor feeding the cat, and then given back to me when Alex and I got home, so I'd tucked it safely away... inside the locked house. So they were home, but not in the house, when Alex and I got home. It's a good thing the weather was nice yesterday!

Anyway, it was great to all be back together and home and more or less back to our normal schedule. (A little less for Penny, who'd spent most of the day dozing in the car, so we let her stay up late. But she'll be back on track tonight. And hopefully her blood sugars will level out. They were actually fairly good while she and Matt were on the road, so I have high hopes.)

It occurred to me yesterday that I had absolutely no reason not to work from home for two or three days this week.

We're only delivering one document, and it's a small one that could easily be delivered from home.

I've only got two meetings to attend, and both of them are conference calls anyway, so I wouldn't be missing anything if I called into them from home.

And the actual work that I'm working on at the moment to justify my having a job would benefit from a lack of interruptions.

So: work from home it is! Today and tomorrow for certain, and possibly Friday as well, though I haven't decided on that one yet.

While I try to be relatively good about actually working when I'm working from home, this does give me the freedom to rearrange my schedule in ways that are convenient for me. Such as going to the gym immediately after dropping the kids off at daycare, instead of waiting until lunchtime. The gym is a little more crowded in the morning than at lunch, but then my metabolism's up for the whole day, and I've gotten it out of the way so it doesn't feel as much like an interruption and imposition on my time. (One of these days, I'm going to figure out how to fit an elliptical machine and a weight bench in my house so I don't have to take a whole hour and a half or more out of my day to get in a forty-five minute workout.)

Also, it's worlds more comfortable. I spend half my day at the office shivering. At home, I'm not cold, and I can get away with wearing shorts and a t-shirt. (It could even be a rude t-shirt, if I wanted. Though I don't think I own any rude or snarky t-shirts at the moment. The closest I have is one I just bought that says, "...and that's when I SNAPPED" and has a picture of a camera. Which is cute, but not really snarky.)

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