Thursday, July 29, 2010


Feeling a little scattered this morning, so I apologize in advance for the randomness of this post.

Vicki was nice enough to loan me her macro lens so I could play with it. I noodled around with it a bit yesterday. I took some random shots of assorted things in the yard, then wound up on our back porch, where I discovered that there were a solid dozen butterflies playing in the tree in the ditch. So I stood on the bench and tried to take pictures of them for half an hour or so. Some of them might have even turned out; we'll see. I may take a little walk at lunch today and see what other wildlife I can find in our neighborhood.

I also made up invitations for Penny's birthday party. Three went in the mail already and two have been hand-delivered. One of them is waiting on the girl's mom to call me back so I can get her address, and another will be delivered this weekend.

I did some writing last night -- or more precisely, I started stripping a story I want to rewrite/convert. The first part of it is going to stay pretty much unaltered, and then I've got half a plot to rip out and two new plots to splice in. It'll be a lot of work, but I think it'll be a pretty good story by the time I'm done, assuming I manage to finish it. I think I got some solid work done last night, at least, and it felt as good to stretch my disused writing brain as it had Monday when I went back to the gym to warm up my neglected body.

Speaking of writing, my book is just a smidge over two weeks from release! (It'll debut the same day as Penny's birthday party, actually. So at least for that day, I'll have something to keep me occupied and away from obsessing about the number of hits and downloads, eh?) I'll be posting cover art, blurbs, excerpts, and such during the week leading up to it, of course. You'll just have to bear with me.

Hey, it'll be a break from random slightly-blurry photos!

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