Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Full Schedule

Matt and Penny are due home today! Possibly in time to pick Alex up from daycare, and certainly in time for dinner! I'm happy -- Alex and I have both missed both of them.

We're supposed to finally start our CSA deliveries this weekend, and this one will be the "deluxe" delivery, asn an apology for all the delays. I'm trying not to get too excited, since it's been pushed off and pushed off and pushed off!

Aside from eating delicious fresh local produce, this weekend has no specific plans, though my mom suggested that if Matt was recovered from his vacation and the drive home, we might have dinner with her at some point. Also, Adin is moving to Williamsburg on Sunday, and I'd promised to babysit for her so the kids wouldn't be underfoot while she's moving stuff, but I don't know if or when she'll take me up on it.

Next weekend, Penny has been invited to a sleepover birthday party on Friday night. I talked to the hosting mom last night, and it looks like we'll be able to work around the diabetic requirements -- they only live half a mile from us, so Matt or I will go over to their house to administer shots, and I'll provide an infosheet for schedule and interpreting BG checks. I told Penny about it last night (via iChat), and she's excited all to pieces.

And the weekend after that will be Penny's birthday party! (I need to get on the phone today and order a cake, and I need to get in gear with the invitations!) I'm actually quite looking forward to it -- the party Penny went to a few weeks ago was very loud, but she had a fantastic time. Also, the same day as Penny's party, my novella e-book will be released, which is damned exciting to me, anyway, even if it doesn't involve doing anything!

The next weekend doesn't (yet) have any plans, except Matt has his monthly-ish D&D game. Which probably makes it a good time to do the back-to-school shopping, if I haven't done it already.

And the weekend after that (the last weekend in August), I'm flying to Atlanta for my cousin's wedding. The whole family was invited, but my cousin told me that none of their friends or relatives have any kids, so mine would be the only ones there. It's an evening wedding, which means it'll run until well past the kids' bedtimes, and they won't have anyone to play with, so... rather than pay for four plane tickets so that the kids could be bored and/or sit in the hotel for most of an evening and then spend one day visiting family, I'm going by myself. (I should think of something fun to do Saturday before the wedding -- I'll have until mid-afternoon to amuse myself. I'm about half tempted to go back to the zoo or the aquarium again just so I can see all the stuff I got dragged past, last time, and take my time taking pictures. But then it kind of seems a waste to go somewhere I've already been. Ah, well, I've got a month to think about it.)

Then it'll be the last weekend before school starts back up, and probably also the weekend we celebrate my mom's, brother's, and Sam's birthdays. (Sam's birthday is in July, but since she and John were in Montana all month, and my parents are in Cancun for most of August, we'll have a delayed party.)

Whew. I'm tired -- but excited -- already, just thinking about it!

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