Thursday, July 7, 2011

Got Nothin'

Mouth still hurts. Though I'm thinking the spots under my tongue aren't actually blisters, but canker sores taking advantage of less-than-usually-healthy tissue. I arrived at that conclusion when a new one appeared on the underside of my tongue last night. I think I'll stop at the store on my way home and pick up some Chloraseptic to help with the pain, because even talking was sort of painful last night.

I finally put together a hook for a submissions call that I want to write a story for, and wrote about 800 words on it. It's a short story call (maximum 3000 words) so hopefully that one won't take too long to knock out, now that I have my hook in place.

Matt and I watched Everything Is Illuminated after the kids went to bed. We'd tried to watch it the night before, but the DVD turned out to be damaged. Last night, Matt found it on Netflix streaming, so we went ahead and finished it. But I've already forgotten the very funny line I was going to remember to use instead of "go to hell". Dangit. On the other hand, Matt and I may spend a week or so randomly saying "Sammy Davis Junior Junior" to each other in a thick Russian accent.

For a week where we're delivering some twenty-odd documents, things have been very slow for me. What that means is that this afternoon and tomorrow are going to completely suck.

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