Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Three Day

Hooray for three-day weekends!

We hung out with Braz and Adin Friday night, and Penny was invited to spend the night with Ripley and Sarah, so she did that. Saturday morning, we all met up for breakfast, and then we all went down to the Haynes Furniture in Newport News -- us, to find Alex a new, "big-boy" bed, and Braz/Adin to get some furniture for their new place that they're moving into in a couple of weeks.

Matt and I not only found Alex a bed (it's a nice one, too, with shelving and cubbies built into the headboard and underneath, and "grown up" looking so it'll  be a completely appropriate bed for him until he grows up and leaves home) but we also found one for ourselves -- the headboard looks like two leather chairs set side-by-side, which Matt thought might be nice for me when I'm writing (since I tend to do that in bed).

The whole kit and caboodle will be delivered this coming weekend (and assembled -- I know my dad would happily save us the delivery fee by loaning us his truck, but the delivery fee also includes assembly, and I'm willing to pay that fee to not have to struggle with putting Alex's complicated new bed together!) -- which means we have a fair amount of work to do in the meantime. To fit Alex's bed in his room, the rocking chair will have to move into our bedroom, which means we need to clean out all the accumulated junk we've been shoving in there and ignoring for mumbletenyearsmumble. We made a pretty good start on it this weekend -- threw out a lot of stuff, and took a couple of boxes of books to the storage unit. Matt's going to offer up some stuff on Freecycle, and I've got a few boxes to take to the thrift store to donate. Alex's crib will go to Freecycle as well, I think, as soon as we've got the bed.

Adin and Braz bought a sofa and table and stuff, all of which looks really nice, and I can't wait to see it in their new place!

After Alex's nap, we took the kids to the library to turn in their weekly reading charts for the summer reading program, and then Matt went to his D&D game. I took the kids to Chick-fil-A for dinner so they could play on the playground instead of driving me nuts at home.

Sunday afternoon, Braz and Adin came over to do their laundry (I know they're looking forward to the new place and having a washer and dryer and not having to save it all up and lug it to our house on Sundays) and stayed for dinner, and Penny asked Sarah if she could stay the night, and the assorted parents agreed.

Matt got up with all the kids on Monday and made blueberry pancakes in celebration of the Fourth. I got up and got dressed and made potato salad with the red, white, and blue potatoes we'd gotten in our CSA box, and then I helped Penny and Sarah make gummy candy in patriotic colors. ("Helped" means I measured the ingredients and set timers. The girls did all the stirring and spooning. As was evidenced by the thin layer of gelatin on everything when they were done.)

We met up with Braz and Adin for lunch, and then we all went to Sweet Frog for frozen yogurt. (Mmm, frozen yogurt...)

After Alex's nap, we trooped down to my parents' to have BLTs and potato salad. Yum. I'd picked up some silly headgear from the Target $1 bins...

Our state doesn't allow even sparklers (not sure when that changed -- we had them when I was a kid) but I picked up some pullstring poppers for the kids to enjoy a little bang.

They had so much fun, I think next year I'll buy some more. It's a good thing I got them, too, because while we were eating, it rained hard and all the local fireworks got canceled. Alas for Penny and Matt!

But it was still a pretty good long weekend! Now, I just have to survive this week...

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