Friday, July 8, 2011


My new book from Torquere Press is being released tomorrow!

Yeah, I know. I try to keep this blog mostly day-to-day ramblings about family and friends. I try to avoid obsessing about my diet (though just lately I'm loving SparkPeople despite the too-busy interface) and I try not to ramble on forever about the writing or peddle the smut...

But I do make exceptions for milestones. And a new book (well, novella) being released is definitely a milestone.

Here's the blurb:
Rafe's first dozen years were brutal, defined by privation, abuse, and terror in the slums of the free city Haven. When Maestro Servio, Haven's finest shipwright, offers the boy a position as an apprentice, Rafe finds himself bewildered and confused by a world he'd never hoped to enter, and suffering nightmares that are memories of the past he only wants to leave behind. In order to survive, he relies desperately on his fellow apprentice, Tyver.

As they enter adulthood together, Rafe realizes that his friendship with Tyver has grown into something deeper. He dreams of making Tyver his lover, but before that dream can come true, Rafe must set aside lessons of pain and fear that he's learned all too well, and instead learn to trust not only Tyver, but himself.
 Check it out tomorrow at Torquere Press!

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