Tuesday, July 12, 2011


One more quick plug for my novella that was released this past weekend. It's on the sidebar, or you can check it out (and read the steamy excerpt, wink-wink-nudge-nudge) right here. And if you like it (or even if you don't!) pretty pretty please go rate it and/or review it at Amazon.com or Goodreads or somewhere! Please. 'Cause you like me.

And also because you like Stuff. I'm holding a contest, all this week, on my writing blog -- go check it out and enter to win!


That's it. I promise, no more book shilling here. At least, not until I get another one sold, heh.

But speaking of purchases (see what I did there?!), Matt and I finally got around to buying one of John's paintings yesterday. We've been meaning to buy it since last year, but first John wanted to keep it long enough to get a decent picture of it for making prints, and then both of us kept forgetting, and then the dang thing was too big to fit in our cars if we had the kids along...

So yesterday, we finally met up with them for lunch and John brought the painting and I brought the checkbook. Huzzah! And then when I got home from work, I hung it in Penny's room. Which was not as easy as it sounds, because it's a pretty danged big painting, set in a heavy wooden frame, and John had put the hanger wire on pretty tight so not much stuck out from the frame and I couldn't keep my arm behind the painting to hold the wire in place and blah blah blah.

I did get it up before everyone got home, but not before I'd dropped the dang thing right on my foot. I thought I'd broken something for a minute or so -- I had one of those things where my eyes filled up with white light and it hurt so much I couldn't even curse. But the toe still wiggled and I could still walk, so it's just a really nice, bone-deep bruise. Right at the base of my toe, where most of my shoes press. I'm going to be wearing my 5" heeled sandals and my da-glo orange flipflops for the rest of the week, apparently.

But it was worth it. When Penny went up to her room to change clothes for bed last night, she finally saw the painting and just about lost her mind with excitement.

(Now John needs to paint something we like for Alex's room. Go on, John. No pressure.)

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