Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Less than three weeks until the Cancun trip. It's kind of dominating my brain. You're going to hear about it a lot. Sorry about that.


Penny woke up with a blood sugar over 300. So much for that excellent run she had over the weekend.


Alex and Penny have both been all about the iPhone games lately. Alex is playing Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. Penny is playing Angry Birds.

I am spending a lot of time keeping various devices charged.


Scatterbrained? Me? ...Well, maybe just a bit.


Glossaria said...

*slyly* You could always link to your vacation pics of Cancun, so we can see what Penny's getting all excited about...

Liz said...

If you insist. The original journal entry (with a few pics) is here.

And there's a bigger collection here. (I'm not posting all 300-odd pictures that are on my hard drive. Most of the rest of them are either bad or just different shots of the same things.)