Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Nutshell

Missed posting yesterday -- it was one of those mornings.

But the weekend wasn't so thrilling I was on edge to talk about it, really. Took Ripley for a few hours Friday night so Braz and Adin could take Henry to the Urgent Care for an injury. We had Jenn and Brian over Saturday for what was supposed to be grilled chicken, but the grill didn't cooperate, so we eventually gave up and ordered Chinese. Had a great time sitting around talking with them until probably way too late. And then Sunday we met my family at the Samurai (hibachi restaurant) for Sam's birthday dinner.

Add in Alex getting out of bed and Penny being alternately surly and wonderful (those teen years are looking more awesome by the day!) and that pretty much sums up the weekend.

So right now, dealing with weird work situations (stupidly busy, but not enough charge numbers) and home situations (Matt's car and mine have been recalled, so we're sort of taking turns not having a car this week) and life and stuff. Braz and Adin are moving into their new house this weekend, then we have two weekends with nothing much happening, and then it'll be Penny's birthday and the trip to Cancun! Whoo, less than four weeks!

And that's pretty much my life right now. That and trying to get my writing brain kickstarted.


Also, I realized 12 hours after posting this initially that I posted it to the wrong damn blog. No wonder my friend K. was sending me emails pouting about there being no blog entry. That's what I get, I guess, for clicking the "New Post" button before I've got my coffee in hand, and not checking which blog it is...

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