Thursday, May 3, 2012


I ran out of my Allegra prescription and keep forgetting to call it in, which means that while the weather is doing crazy loop-de-loops where it's 65 one day and 88 the next, my ears are filled with fluid and every breath I take is accompanied by a squeaky, crackly noise caused by my eardrum bowing in and out. It's like someone stuffed Saran Wrap in my ear and it's slowly uncrinkling every time I draw or release a breath.

And if you've ever hung out with me in real life, you know that I have a virulent loathing for any kind of crinkly noise. Potato chip bags fill me with hatred. I nearly strangled a kid at diabetes camp last weekend because she had to fish around in her little plastic bag of peanuts for each individual nut. Spill them out into your hand, dammit. People who try to unwrap snacks slowly, with the net result of just making the noise stretch out over a longer period of time? In my mind, they're going to inhabit the same special hell that Shepherd Book threatened Mal with in Firefly.

So this noise in my ear? Utterly intolerable. It was this noise, even more than the actual loss of hearing, that made me go see the allergist in the first place.

So you'd think that its return would make me remember to call in my damn prescription refill so I could get my ears dried out, but no. Apparently not.


Elizabeth R. said...

As a long time allergy sufferer (and someone with a current head cold to boot), I feel your pain. It's part of the reason I was delighted when Zyrtec finally went over-the-counter. I guess Allegra hasn't made it there yet? Or is there a discount or other benefit to getting prescription vs OTC?

In any case, I hope your battle against the evil Histamines is won soon.

Gris said...

I TOTALLY empathize, except my ear's not clicking, it's just completely stuffed, and has been for... 3 days now? 4? (Feeling like one side of my head is underwater has all of me feeling a little foggy.) It doesn't hurt, and my nose isn't congested, it just WON'T. UN. BLOCK. Allergy meds haven't helped a jot so far... I think the next recourse will be the Neti pot. Or maybe a bone saw and a vacuum....