Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Never Ending

Had a nice extra-long weekend that was only somewhat spoiled by my being called in to work on Thursday afternoon to get pulled into working on a proposal.

I hate working on proposals. I'm really hoping that I won't be on the "weekends? what weekends?" team for this one.

But on the plus side, it gets me a charge number to help buffer what was otherwise going to be a pretty slow week, work-wise.

On the other hand, I've now got so much stuff to do, between work and editing and writing and general Life Stuff that I'm at a point where I think, after I finish this blog entry, I'm going to need to make up a work schedule and assign blocks to the day.

Anyway, yeah: good weekend. I went to see Avengers for the fourth time on Friday (probably my last in-theater viewing, alas) and then we went to the Hegemony and played Rock Band until the wee hours. Whoo, Rock Band!

Saturday morning we ran some errands, and then in the afternoon, we took the kids to Busch Gardens. (It was not as crowded as I'd feared it would be, but I'm still looking forward to, say, Wednesday evening visits, when it will be much slower. In fact, I'm wondering if, once school is out, we could get away with just making every Wednesday Busch Gardens night.)

Sunday we actually stayed home all day (aside from running errands) -- a nice rest-and-recover day. And then Monday, we were back at the Hedge for a big Memorial Day cookout. It was supposed to be big, anyway, but one family canceled due to illness, another dropped out because they had something else they'd rather do (and seriously? they needed to come up with a plausible lie, there), and a third failed to get the message entirely until it was too late... so it was, instead, a small Memorial Day cookout.

So, off I go to have some coffee and breakfast and make up my work-block for the day.

Have a good one!

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