Monday, May 7, 2012


It was a fairly normal morning -- runaround and kids being alternately grumpy and fantastic, breakfast and packing and stuff. More stuff than usual to carry out to the car, because it's Monday and there's Alex's blankets for naptime, and the daycare check, plus it's "teacher appreciation week" at daycare, so there were cards, and Penny had a diorama project to take to school.

But all in all, pretty much normal.

And then I pulled into the parking lot at work and was nonplussed to see that both of my usual parking spaces had been taken already. Even with me dropping Penny off at school, I'm usually in the first five or so people in the office. Is someone having a meeting that I'd forgotten about?

And then I came in and saw who was setting up in the conference room and remembered that our senior management chain from up at corporate is all in the office today. Which you'd think I wouldn't have forgotten, because I'm the one who set up the catered lunch.

So, uh, today is busy, and I'll have to tell you about my weekend and gush about how awesome The Avengers was another time.

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