Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First of May

Happy May Day! And Happy Birthday to KT! And, um. Everything else that fits here.


When I got home from work yesterday, my next-door neighbors -- Melissa and her son Ray, who's just a smidge younger than Penny -- were outside, planting things in their front yard.

So I ambled over and said hello, and asked what they were planting this year. (Most of us keep bushes in our front yard beds; Melissa actually puts veggies in hers during the summer.) They showed me a flat of strawberries, and several enthusiastic-looking zucchini plants.

"We got three zucchinis this year," Ray told me, "because last year we only had one, and something ate it."

"Rabbits, probably," I said. "There's a lot of rabbits that live around here." I see them all the time, especially in the spring.

"Or groundhogs," Ray said.

"I guess it could be groundhogs, but I haven't really seen any of those."

"That's because they live under the ground. It's even in their name!" His tone was carefully informative rather than snarky.

Melissa shot him a sharp look, but despite the implied duh, he'd been very careful not to actually be rude, so all she could do was sigh and say, "One of us is not going to survive his teenage years."

How swiftly they grow.

Six years ago.

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