Monday, May 9, 2011

Awoke From Dreaming

I could sooooo get used to not working. I just couldn't get used to not having a paycheck.

So, the Paul & Storm/JoCo concert Thursday night was awesome. I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe, and sang until my throat hurt, and then sang some more. Jonathan seemed a little off his game -- tired or irritable or something -- but it wasn't enough to ruin the show, just enough to notice that he didn't seem to be having nearly as much fun as usual with it. But he played a few songs from the new album that'll be released this summer, and those were awesome, so I'm looking forward to that.

Also, at some point in the last year, Paul has lost some weight (at least 20 pounds, for me to notice, and probably more like 30) and grown a beard, both of which conspire to make him at least 20 times sexier. Alas, I had only my iPhone with me, so all the pictures I took are kind of sucky. So this one is stolen from Elizabeth.

I was hanging out by the merchandise table with KT and Kevin and a guy KT had met on Facebook (who turned out to be a friend of my brother's from college -- those "small world" moments get me every time!) when Paul came down to talk to the merch volunteers. I wanted to ask for an autograph, but alas, I didn't have anything to write on. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

And one more huge thank you to Adin and Braz, who rearranged their evening and jostled their sleep schedule so Matt and I could both go.

I stayed home Friday, knowing that the concert would leave me to braindead to do any work, but I hadn't actually counted on going back to sleep after I got the kids to school... but that's exactly what I did. Dropped Penny off, came home, and didn't even eat breakfast. I just took a shower and then crawled into bed and conked right out until lunchtime.

That afternoon, I toodled up to the daycare for a "muffins with Mom" Mother's Day event, but it turned out that in Alex's class, they were focusing mostly on another kid's birthday party. But I got a cute picture of Alex holding a flower, and a handprint-tulip picture, so it was all good.

Since I brought Alex home well before Matt was officially done with his work day, I walked both kids over to the neighborhood park to run around and eat honeysuckle flowers and generally get some fresh air. I discovered that we've entered a very precious and most likely short-lived phase in their lives: not only does Penny want to push Alex on the swings, but she's big enough to do so more or less responsibly. I imagine it won't be long before her desire to be helpful fades away -- I can only hope it'll last until Alex learns how to get a swing going on his own.

And that night, Matt and I finally finished watching the last of Veronica Mars. Which... I dunno. The third season was so uneven, and ended with so many situations unresolved, I can see why it didn't get called back for a fourth. But I still loved the snark and the oneliners. And Jason Dohring is still hot. So, you know, there's that.

Saturday morning, Matt informed me that it was Free Comic Book Day, and I suggested that we all go to the Cube to scope the free books, and then go over to Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt for a treat. We pinged Braz and Adin, and they were in. Moreover, they'd promised to take Ripley up to her school to play on the playground, so they came over after lunch and picked up Matt and Penny while I put Alex down for his nap, and then when Alex woke up, I took him off to the Cube. Comics were scored, and then we went over to Sweet Frog for what we told the kids was ice cream.

And then, because it was right there, the kids ran over to the New Town fountain to play. And get wet. And then wetter. We eventually gave up all hope of keeping them anything like dry and just let them act like the little hooligans they are. I mean, what the heck, right? It was a warm, sunny day, and it was fun to watch them.

After that, we went out to eat at La Tolteca. Mmm, chips and fajitas. It's been too long!

Sunday morning, Matt and the kids came upstairs just as I was waking up and presented me with a breakfast tray (oatmeal with raisins and yogurt with fresh strawberries). While I ate that, Penny decorated the downstairs -- by which I mean she found a roll of red crepe paper and taped it to everything. She even draped it across the bottom of the stairway so that when I came downstairs, she had to get scissors to cut it and let me through. (Has she seen some sort of "grand opening" cartoon lately?)

I got some lovely gifts from Matt and the kids. (Penny, on hearing the amount of money on the spa gift card Matt gave me: "I got more than that for my birthday." Snert. Apparently, I'm raising a miniature Scrooge McDuck.)

After Alex's nap, we packed up and went down to my parents' for Mother's Day dinner. I'd made lasagna, and John brought bread and salad and berries for dessert. We all had a lovely time, and didn't let my mom do any dishes, which was sort of the point.

Best gift of the weekend was that Penny's sugars were almost suspiciously even all weekend. She was a bit high Friday morning, had a mild low Saturday at lunchtime, and was a little high last night, but that was about it -- everything else was right in range where it was supposed to be. (I suspect it will be too little, too late for her to pull out a good A1c at her endo appointment this week, though.)

Back to work today. Alas. And I think I have to be here pretty much all week. Double-alas. It's looking like a slightly crazy week for me, in fact, with a whole stack of documents and two software deliveries (maybe, if the one doesn't get postponed again) and all kinds of stuff going on.

So naturally, what I most want to do is crawl back to bed and take a nap. But what's new about that?

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