Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In and Out

So my "empty" schedule for this week is busier than expected, due to: a) one software delivery from last week that got delayed, and b) one software delivery for next week that needs to be prepped in advance because of the holiday on Monday. There's also some other administrivia-type work to be done, but that stuff can pretty much be done whenever.

I'm still taking some time off this week, but not as much as I'd expected. I took yesterday afternoon off; I'm working today; and I'm taking Wednesday off. But Thursday and Friday are both still up in the air. If I had my way, I'd work Thursday and half the day Friday, but given how slow the documents are likely to be for next week's software delivery, it's more likely that I'll work half the day Thursday and all day Friday. But we'll see, I guess. Not having to burn through as much of my vacation time is a good thing -- I just wish I could make plans instead of calling it at the last minute.

So my posting this week may be a little sporadic.Sorry about that. But you haven't been missing much, anyway. All I'm doing outside of work is playing Dungeon Raider (curse you, Wil Wheaton!) and trying to write two different stories. And picking out movies to put on my iPad to take with me to the gym and Mexico (I ripped Season One of Leverage yesterday).

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