Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The weather changed again overnight. Yesterday it was 85 and sunny; today is rainy with a high of 65. Which means my sinuses are throwing a party and I spent half the night snoring (I assume, based on the sore throat I had this morning) and all I want right now is to climb back into bed.

But we got Penny's passport application turned in yesterday, so we'll be looking for that in a month or two. And my brother and I worked out what we're bringing for Mother's Day dinner on Sunday. So that's a bonus.

And! And! I heard yesterday that KT had a short story accepted for an anthology publication -- the book is due out in October. I'm so excited for her that I let out a little squee! every time I even think about it.

And I'm going to a fun concert tomorrow and taking Friday off, and looking forward to a good weekend. So all in all, the sinus headache and rainy-day sleepies are amply overbalanced. All in all, life is good.

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Lynn said...

I'm pretty squeeee myself. I expect Kevin to get fed up with me sometime close to immediately.

PS - did you get my email re the writer's retreat?