Thursday, May 5, 2011

Busy Day

Six documents and a software delivery due out today, whoo!

And then I get to go home and change clothes and throw something very fast together for the kids to have for dinner and make up an insulin worksheet for Adin, and then pile into the car with Matt and KT and Kevin and go up to Richmond for the JoCo/Paul and Storm concert, which is much more fun than everything else that's happening today.

We'll get home late (midnight-ish?) and so I sort of expect tomorrow to be whirly and fun in a sleep-dep kind of way. I'm taking the day off (or at least part of the day, depending on how today goes) so I probably won't post here.

It sure would be nice if this cold would dry up and go away, though. My throat's already scratchy and sore, and I haven't even been cheering and singing along yet!

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