Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Ahh, I love a long weekend. Even one that does its best to ring in the official start of summer with the hottest weather I've encountered since last summer. I sure hope that's not a harbinger of things to come!

It wasn't a particularly restful weekend -- we had Jess over on Saturday afternoon to have a sleepover with Penny, and then Sunday KT and Kevin came down to pick her up and we had a cookout with them before they went home. (Mmm, venison burgers...)

And then we had a lot of leftover cookout stuff -- hot dogs, corn on the cob, and a whole watermelon we'd been too full to cut into Sunday evening, so Monday we had Braz and Adin and crew over so they could do laundry and we cooked out again (this time with sausages instead of venison for the adults).

So there was lots of running around and shrieking and giggling and noise and parents being needed to mediate issues and cleaning of messes. There was shucking of corn and mixing of drinks and grilling of meats and carving of melons. We offered to set up the sprinkler for the kids to play in, but Penny scorned it, so we didn't. Alex wasn't quite asleep when everyone came over on Monday, so naturally he didn't get any nap at all -- but was not too terribly fussy about it (though he leaned on either Matt or I for the entire duration of The Wizard of Oz when Matt put that in as a way to get the kids to calm down for a bit, and I think that doubled as a rest, if not a nap, for him).

I finally gave in to a long-standing urge and bought a snow-cone machine maker on Friday, along with three bottles of sugar-free flavor syrup. That turned out to be the Best. Idea. EVER. No calories, no carbs, no guilt, and every time over the weekend that the kids started making me crazy and I needed them to quiet down and sit still for ten minutes, I'd fire up the machine and squirt guilt-free syrup and everyone would sit down and shut up and eat shaved ice. Yay! It's a cheapie little machine and I expect it'll be nonfunctional by the end of the summer, but that's okay -- by then, I'll have gotten my money's worth out of it. 

It was a good weekend, in the main, and we had fun and ate and enjoyed ourselves and welcomed summer properly in with excellent food and even better company.

But now I need a day or two off so I can recover from my long weekend.

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