Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh Yes I Did

Alex was playing with a toy Spider-Man cell phone in the car this morning.

"Mommy smile I take a picture with the phone!"

"Okay, I'm smiling!"

"I took your picture! With the phone! Sometimes you can take a picture with a phone. With that button there. You have two cameras, Mommy. One of them is big. And one of them is shaped like a door. We close the door when I have a nap! Mommy, Spider-Man needs our help!"

"Oh, yeah? Are you gonna go help him?"

"No, all of us!"

"Oh. We're going to help Spider-Man on the way to school, are we?"

"Yeah... Mommy, Spider-Man doesn't talk."

"Um, I'm pretty sure he does talk sometimes, actually."

"Yeah, sometimes he talks. And sometimes, he's quiet."

"And that's what makes him different from you."

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