Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I called the Diabetes Center to ask about Penny's reaction to the infusion set; the answer I got was that they have several kids on pumps who are allergic to the set adhesive. What they do is provide a barrier between the adhesive and the set, and then use a different kind of tape (that's hopefully less reactive) to hold it in place.

Which is just that much more random stuff that has to be purchased to do this, whee. Guess we'll be padding the insurance's flexible spending account next year to cover those supplies.

The counselor I talked to said we could go ahead and start the paperwork to order our pump if we wanted, and they'd teach us how to place the barrier and stuff in that first training session. We've got a month to return the pump after we receive it in the unlikely event the barrier thing doesn't work either, though our schedule becomes slimmer since the Diabetes Center people are only at the office near us about once every three weeks, so we have to either wait for that or take her down to Norfolk again.

I asked if we could do a trial run of a set with the barrier in place first, and they were amenable to that, though again -- they're not in the office near us very often. I went ahead and made an appointment to take her in to do that, and told them we'd call if we decided to either take her down to Norfolk for it or go ahead and order the pump.

So that's that. I'll let you all know when progress is made...

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