Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Need Cheese

I need cheese... because mostly what I have this morning is whine.

Work, blah blah underfunded blah blah burning through vacation time blah.

Penny's insulin pump saga blah blah delays allergies blah blah.

Sleep blah tired blah blah.

Diet backslide blah blah lack of willpower blah fat.

I will say I was pleased to figure out that I can use HandBrake to convert .avi files into .mp4 files (thereby making certain shows usable on my iPad that weren't before).

And also that Game of Thrones is totally kicking butt. I was slightly disappointed in the Sex-and-Exposition scene from the previous episode -- not the technique, which is a traditional way to fit in dialog while giving us some eye-candy (and HBO is generously fan-servicing the ladies along with the men -- they're not granting us a full half time, but it's a solid 25 or 30 percent, which is pretty good for a fantasy show that traditionally would market primarily to guys) -- but in Littlefinger's performance during it. I can grant that his show-no-emotion demeanor must be difficult for the actor to pull off, but he was talking about some heavy emotional stuff, and I thought we should have seen a little more.

But this episode was much better. Robb, who up until now has been something of a closed book, had some very nice scenes (in particular, there was an exchange of glances with Catelyn that I really appreciated) and made me warm up to him a lot.

I can't wait for HBO to release this on DVD so I can own it.

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