Thursday, June 16, 2011


Didn't sleep too well last night. Not really sure why, just had lots of vivid, unrestful dreams. Nothing bad, just action-packed, from what little I can still remember.

So I'm feeling groggy and nonfunctional this morning. It'll be the perfect day for tackling mindless paperwork and then hitting the gym, and then coming back to the office for more mindless paperwork. Envy me my glamorous life!


After dinner last night, we put Alex in the wagon and walked over to Penny's school and let the kids run around on the playground for half an hour. I even hauled my camera along and took pictures of some flowers and the kids and stuff along the way, which was nice -- I haven't taken any pictures with the good camera for over a month, I think. I don't know if this is going to be a regular thing or what -- Matt was a bit dismayed at the amount of time Penny was spending dorking around on the computer during her long afternoon Tuesday, but once she starts daycare/camp next week, she won't even be getting home until almost 5:30, so that will put a big dent in her screen time.

Today is Penny's last day of school -- when I get home this evening, she'll officially be a third grader. The daycare gave me a form to fill out for her medical records, and naturally it has to be signed by her doctor as well, so I need to get on with that and fax it over to the doctor so they can send it back. She's been particularly surly the last few days, and this morning she told me she's been waking up at 5:30, so it's possible that's got something to do with her mood. Once school is out, Matt and I are going to let her stay up later to read at night, but I told her this morning that if she's continuing to be grouchy and surly all the time, we're going to put an end to that. So she has been warned. For whatever good that will do us.

Alex is doing really well with his potty training, and is getting fairly reliable about telling us when he needs to go. We hid his little potty Tuesday night and he coped with its disappearance pretty well (he'd been sitting on the regular toilet about half the time anyway, so we figured we'd nudge that along). The next step will be to get him a bed so he can get up and go on his own initiative at night and we can start trying to transition him out of night-time diapers as well. (I'll take "Things Parents Don't Miss When Their Babies Grow Up" for $400, Alex...)


Glossaria said...

Maybe it's the weather today (or last night). Maybe it's that the end of our fiscal year is encroaching like a big, hairy, paperwork-wielding, soul-and-time-sucking beast. I looked at your blog title for today and nearly wept an "AMEN, SISTER."

Glossaria said...

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